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    Water Damage

    Mold Remediation

    Fire /Smoke Damage

    Storm Damage

    Damage Restoration Process

    Water damage is an incredibly destructive situation that you might experience run across as a home or business. If you do not get a handle it swiftly all that added water could cause major electrical risks and will definitely also trigger very expensive mold damage to the building and furnishings of your house or company. Call Advanced Restoration Group right now; we can absolutely help!

    Residential Property Damage

    Too much water produces an enormous hazard to your house. The impact of water damage might be substantially reduced by swift water damage restoration support services from Advanced Restoration Group. Our specialists are readily available all day or night in order to help promptly fix the problem and help avoid further damages to your house

    Commercial Property Damage

    Getting your company squared away and operating smoothly once again is our primary goal! We will minimize as many disruptions to your businesses day to day operations as we possible.  We are going to also do as much as we can in order to help keep your business running while we clean, and restore! Get in touch with us today!

    Water Damage Services

    Listed below you will find our main Water Damage services. We offer everything from emergency situations like direct water damage services to be able to help you with temporary power and HVAC services at your residence or business. Don’t hesitate, call us today! 

    • Emergency Water Damage Restoration

    • Emergency Mitigation

    • Drying and Dehumidification

    • Mold and Asbestos Remediation

    • Contents Restoration

    • Temporary Power and HVAC Services

    Fire Restoration Process

    We have a very detailed restoration timeline. We will walk you through it step by step, from beginning to end so that you are able to understand exactly what will happen and what is currently happening during our entire restoration process. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction. Let us help your restore your sanity!

    • Emergency Contact

    • Inspection

    • Remove Fire Damaged Building Material

    • Drying

    • Cleaning & Sanitizing

    • Restoration


    See What Our Clients Are Saying

    Nothing shows a company’s true excellence and care more than all the positive and five star reviews from happy customers. We take our clients happiness seriously. For trustworthy and expert service, choose us here at Advanced Restoration Group for all your  property restoration needs.

    Our Core Values


    When your property is damaged by water, fire, mold, storms, or some other unpredictable disaster, you need a company that will respond fast, any time, day, or night. One call to Advanced Restoration Group and you will understand why property owners, property managers, real estate agents and insurance professionals call Advanced Restoration Group. Our promise to you is to do whatever it takes to prevent any further damage, restore your property, sense of security, and return your life back to normal as quickly as possible..

    We hire and train only the best and most-qualified experts to work with our team here at Advanced Restoration Group Our knowledge and our leading-edge tools really help us restore homes and businesses back to their initial condition and sometimes, even far better! We have many years of experience in this industry and employ the best equipment available. We stay informed on all the most current modern technology and advances regarding water damage restoration. Allow us here at Advanced Restoration Group to help bring sanity back to your home or business

    Combating Fire Damage with the Correct Measures

    Many people feel that extinguishing a fire with water is enough in case of a fire. However, this is not true in case of an electrical fire as water can do more harm than good. It can even be fatal if you try to deal with it on your ownSo, it is always recommended to keep yourself away from fire and take the necessary steps as soon as possible in case of a fire breakout such as call the experts or fire brigade to overcome the fire.  

    Fire can happen in residential areas as well as in commercial places. And the kitchen stoves and electricity are the primary causes of a residential home fire. It can cause significant damage to the property and lives. Almost everyone knows that it can completely destroy the furniture, electronic devices, documents, etc., but we are pretty sure that you don’t know what smoke damage can do caused by a fire breakout.  

    Fire smoke consists of toxic substances that are very dangerous for your health as well as your property. Even after the fire has been extinguished, there may be other safety concerns that prevent you from continuing your daily chores in the place. So, in this case, a fire damage restoration company can do wonder. Hence, it is extremely important to seek professional help. 

    Companies that provide fire restoration services use special procedures to make sure that your place is habitable again and there are no safety concerns after dealing with the damages. So, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should always have the contact information of your local fire restoration company in your phonebook. Such companies provide services like debris removal, smoke and odor deodorization, HVAC duct cleaning and much more. However, you might feel that it will cost an arm and a leg to recover the fire damages. But it will not be the case if you take the correct measures.  

    You should always have home insurance for your house if you are concerned about finances during fire restoration. Most home or property insurances cover fire damage. So, your costs will definitely be covered through the insurance as most fire damage restoration companies’ work with insurance providers. So, you need not worry about the funds required for the fire restoration processes. 

    In commercial workplaces, you should always make sure that fire drills are known to all employees. Moreover, the necessary equipment like fire extinguishers must be present close to all rooms and areas; it is very important as small fire can increase in huge size very quickly if not dealt with properly. From a more economic point of view, the expenses incurred due to fire damage can sometimes be high if the place is not insured. In residential places, always be prepared for such unexpected events, at least in the kitchen where it has a greater likelihood. 

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